3D Project/ Time Management Interface

This model mock up for a 3D interface attempts to divorce time management from the "Calendar Month Page" (which I find annoying and distracting). Instead time is a series of slices from left to right.

Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks are shown as translucent units. Projects are shown on a time "line" as bulbous entities (bulge is proportional to the number of tasks inside). Clicking on the project zooms into the tasks which scale the same structure. Collaboration lines lead to other's interfaces. Department interfaces combine all of the above.

Elevation of a task on the timeline corresponds to importance (X). Distance on the timeline corresponds to Urgency (Y).  So all tasks are in position (top foreground) for intuitive meaning.

I'd picture this on top of and connecting any management systems, Slack, MS Project, Primavera, as a form of VR interface and overall 3D infographic communication tool.

The Intuitive interface and broad overview propose to be a remedy to the timeline's reputation as an "after the fact" constant update chore (that's always out of date). And move it to a "front and center" tool to chart new directions, set common goals, gauge decision making in real time.


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